Artist Bio

Jamie Lynn Williams is a fiber artist best known for her works in hand and machine embroidery composed in wooden quilting hoops. These hoop-bound works depict an intricate form of marking with thread. Her general practice features various types of needlework from crochet to punch needle. In her work Williams employs these thought-to-be constricting, decorative, and somewhat antiquated crafts in an expressive and unexpected way.

Williams' work exists in the tension between craft and fine art, never settling on one interpretation or formula for merging these contexts. The artist's role as maker and identity as a woman are central to her work. Williams continues to explore themes of expression of female identity and the presence of the handmade object by engaging viewers in a process that is labor intensive, craft-based, and tactile.

Jamie Lynn Williams attended Smith College, where she received her BA in Art and Psychology in 2015. After graduating, she opened her studio practice in Easthampton, MA at the Eastworks studios. She relocated to her hometown of Indianapolis, IN in 2017. Williams is currently practicing in the Circle City Industrial Complex located in downtown Indianapolis, IN off of Massachusetts Avenue.